Photo copyright goes to Helen Stapinski, author of 'Five-Finger Discount: A Crooked Family History' .

" Normal kids are turned into Borribles very slowly, almost without being aware of it; but one day they wake up and there it is. It doesn't matter where they come from as long as they have had what is called a 'bad start'. A child disappears from a school and the word goes round that he was 'unmanageable'; the chances are he's off managing by himself."         - The Borribles

This page is a shrine to Michael de Larrabeiti's Borribles Trilogy, and the feral society of perpetual children who populate it. One of the few truly 'grungy' fantasies in existence, the Borrible books are unglamorous, traumatic, morally ambiguous, grubby works of art.


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Image and Graphics Credits:

Helen Stapinski, Five Finger Discount.

Gordon Parks, 'Child and Doll', Half Past Autumn.

Godfrey Frankel, In the Alleys.

Jacob Riis, 'Katie', 55 by Jacob Riis.



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